Want a cool promotional item? Try a 1" or 1.25" button! Prices and design guidelines are below.

Don't forget about Hot One Inch Action – check the bottom of this page for details.

Button Prices (both 1 & 1.25 inch; $CDN)

amount $/unit
25-49 $0.80/ea
50-99 $0.60/ea
100-199 $0.40/ea
200-499 $0.35/ea
500-999 $0.30/ea
1000+ $0.28/ea

Prices do not include shipping. Local pickup available.

Unless we've worked together before, payment is due on delivery. A 25% deposit may be required on orders of 1000+.

Turnaround is usually 2-3 business days. Same day service may be available for 20% surcharge.

I accept Cash and Cheque (payable to Chris Bentzen). I'll also accept Paypal (including credit card orders) for 500+ orders.

Button Artwork Templates/Guidelines

Download a template for 1-inch buttons:
Illustrator 10
Photoshop PSD
(Right-click or Control-click on a Mac and download/save for the Photoshop file)

Download a template for 1.25-inch buttons:
Illustrator 10
Photoshop PSD
(Right-click or Control-click on a Mac and download/save for the Photoshop file)

Keep the main part of the design within the image area of the inner circle (0.925in for one-inch buttons, 1.25in for 1.25 inch buttons) but have colour/image extend to the bleed limit of outer circle (this part wraps to the back).

The area between the 2 main guides marked as "button edge" is a small but viewable area. I recommended not having too much detail here. Although, it's a good spot to put your website or other info. In the Illustrator file, you can type directly on the layer marked "Edge Text Here" with your Path Type Tool at 4 or 5pt in a simple, sans serif font (All-caps looks best). Just be sure it's between the green and red dashed lines. Results on the button edge will vary and I can't guarantee perfect accuracy for the edge (but it will be pretty close). I will advise you prior to printing whether or not adjustments need to be made. Any questions, ask.

Digital files using the template should be emailed to info AT thisisplanb.net as Illustrator 10, EPS, TIF or PSD files at 300dpi. If need be, you can also send a PDF. I will not accept JPG files if you have used the template. Simplest thing to do is place your artwork and save the file in the same format as the template.

If I'm setting up the file for you, a JPG is fine but not recommended (PSD or TIF is better).

Send files as greyscale or CMYK. If you're using Pantone colours, convert to CMYK equivalent. Unfortunately, I do not offer colour matching at this time. Do not send RGB files, there will be a colour shift when printed.

Although the laser printer is high quality, subtle colour differences and gradients may not translate into such a small scale (especially for one inch buttons). Keep your design relatively simple and clean for best results.

Mac & PC files are ok.

Be sure to flatten fonts in Photoshop or change fonts to outlines in Illustrator before sending. Also, if you flatten your Photoshop file, hide the dashed-line guides and instructions first (otherwise they'll be there when I print the files).

While I prefer digital files, I can also accept actual, physical artwork for scanning. Do not exceed an 8 inch diameter (my scanner is small).

The minimum for each design is 25 buttons so you can create multiple designs for your order. (e.g., if you order 500 buttons you can have 20 different designs).

Additional fees may apply for file setup but don't worry, I'll let you know before I start.

Don't have artwork but want buttons? For custom button designs, email info AT thisisplanb.net to request a quote.

Client Gallery

Below is a small collection of some of the buttons I've pressed.

Emily Carr University East Van Bike Polo
The Zip Guns Free Geek
zipguns freegeek
Wheely Good Teacher The Carnival Band
Lindy Bout Hot One Inch Action 2007
Save Darfur Bikes - BMX
Midnight Mass Robert & Aaron Wedding
"Uncanny" @ Lick "Uncanny" @ Lick
World Urban Forum 06 World Urban Forum 06
Group Activity FBCYICN
Davida Kidd - artist DJ Dirty Harry
Better Friends Than Lovers Better Friends Than Lovers
B:C:Clettes Salt Tasting Room
Hot One Inch Action YPC - Vancouver Foundation
BEST.bc.ca De-Elect Emerson
Trike Trike
Jorg & Olif Jorg & Olif
Orange Party 2006 Jorg & Olif
Jenn Hicks - artist/designer Goat Island Extrapolation
Inform Interiors Jon Izen Fanclub
The Belushis The Belushis
Cross Eyed Cards Cross Eyed Cards
PedalPlay MC3
Riot - Prince George Riot - Prince George
S.L.A.I.S. - UBC National Film Board
National Film Board National Film Board
Kevin Potvin Kevin Potvin
Jay Senetchko - artist Craftsman Panel
Chavisa Brett - artist Parking Spot Gallery
Vancouver Museum Fundraiser Vancouver Museum Fundraiser
Keya White - artist/designer Keya White - artist/designer
Keya White - artist/designer Keya White - artist/designer
Megan Majewski - artist Megan Majewski - artist
Megan Majewski - artist Megan Majewski - artist
DJ MontagDJ Montag
Seamrippers Craft CollectiveClaudia Bos — artist
People's Prom 2004People's Prom 2004
People's Prom 2004People's Prom 2004
Fracture IndustriesFBCYICN

Hot One Inch Action: The Button Show

Local artist Jim Hoehnle and I produce the annual event Hot One Inch Action: The Button Show. We showcase the artwork of 50 artists on one inch buttons along with live music and button trading. The next show is Saturday October 9, 2010 (8pm) in Seattle at Ouch My Eye and Saturday October 23, 2010 (8pm) in Vancouver at Gallery Gachet. Have a look in the Events section or hotoneinchaction.com for details.

In the News

Read this article about buttons from The Tyee which includes a brief interview with me.