I've been so busy the last couple of years I haven't updated this with more recent work. Check back soon for more.

Momentum magazine design and layout from 2004-2010. 6 issues each year.

8.375x10.75" 66+ page magazine

Illustration for article on Bike Rage (issue #34). Original is acrylic, ink and mixed media on canvas.

Bike Doctor bike shop on Broadway in Vancouver. Business card design as well as ongoing design of ads, flyers, tags, etc. Also did layout and illustration for their new shop awning. Photos soon.

2x3.5" business card, front/back. Not shown: cards for staff and owner.

TallGrass Distribution presentation folder. A riff off their logo.

9x12" folder with inner flaps. Front and inside shown.

The Federation of BC Youth In Care Networks 30+ page newsletter "Power Pages." PDFs of the full document can be downloaded from their site. Layout, design, illustration, some photography. 2 or 3 issues each year.

8.375x10.75, 30+ page newsletter

National Youth In Care Network annual 20 page newsletter "Magazine" layout, design, illustration.

8.5x11, 20 page newsletter (front and back cover)

Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition promo materials for their programs: Bike to Work Week, Cycling Training for the School Community, and Commuter Skills. Everything from business cards to postcards, posters, banners, signs, print ads for local newspapers and magazines, bookmarks, and other assorted materials for contests and giveaways. 3 examples below.

4x9" Promo card (2-sided)

4x6" postcard (2-sided)

2x7" bookmark (2-sided)

David Hay/RBS "Lawyers for Cyclists" ad in Momentum magazine.

8.375x10.75" full colour ad

Hot One Inch Action: The Button Show promo materials from 2004-2008. More photos soon.

3x3" flyer for 2008 (front and back)

2006 1" button flyer

2006 5.5x17 poster

2005 flyer and poster below. The posters were placed around town with actual one-inch buttons attached. Needless to say, the buttons were gone very quickly, sometimes within a few minutes after hanging the poster. The website is also my design.

1.75" x 1.75" flyer

11x17 poster

Visual identity for the FBCYICN, including the logo and this illustration style; incorporated into posters, brochures, business cards, temporary tattoos, flyers, etc.

18x24" poster

Business card, front & back

8.5x11 brochure, inside & out

Temporary Tattoo; combination of traditional nautical star tattoo & logo

Joe Leger and Tanis Laird's Waist Deep art show promo cards.

4.25x5.5" flyer (front and back)

PedalPlay's EastVan Chopperfest (part of Car-Free Commercial Drive Fetival) flyer for 2006. Design and illustration.

5.5x8.5" flyer

Pedal Play's Velomutation art-bike launch party flyer for their Powell Street metal studio. The illustration on the front of the card is by RedSara; typography and design by me.

Postcard, front & back

Margaret Charles Chopper Collective's Performance Ride flyer for 2006. Hand drawn type, found photo.

5.5x8.5" flyer

Lusitania is a monthly Portuguese-Canadian newspaper. I was responsible for layout and design of the paper from December 2003 until May 2004. Here are 2 examples:

AQT (A Queer Theatre) logo and print materials including newspaper flyers, posters, business cards, ads and more. Here is the brochure I created for the summer festival (with illustrations by me):