I'm not a professional photographer but I enjoy photography. Here are a few photo galleries. Haven't updated this in a while but I hope to soon. Enjoy – but please don't use them without permission (and credit). The galleries open in a new window.

MC3 Performance Ride (June 8, 2007)

B:C:Clettes at Anti-Social (April 26, 2007)

Liz Ride (March/07)

Mini Bike Winter 07 in Portland (Feb/07)

Vancouver Alley Kitten - Feb 3/07

Vancouver to Seattle (and back) Ride / Dead Baby Downhill Party (Aug 3-6/06)

MC3 Performance Ride (June 9/06)

CARcass Polo - East Van (Mar 25/06)

"War No More" in Vancouver (Mar 18/06)

Mini Bike Winter in Portland (Feb/06)

Cake Show at Les Gallery, Vancouver 2005

Street Art in Europe


Bicycles and Choppers